A selection of Artists’ books from Cardiff Met

As mentioned in my previous post I visited the Cardiff Met Artists’ book collection at the beginning of June.  A small group of us were shown an interesting cross section of their collection and heard about how it came into being, how it is curated, and how the students use it. I love the idea of artists’ books, both as a librarian and as an artist, and could feel the urge welling up inside me to create one.  Thus, a new project has been formulating in my mind; I want to use the coming year to reconnect with my own creativity and to stop just thinking/dreaming and start doing.  I’m definitely a little rusty, but have decided to spend the year creating pages that in 12 months time I will bind together into a book.  A book of a year in my life (roughly birthday to birthday).  How many pages is a crucial question at the moment; should there be 52  – a page a week, or is this too ambitious?  Or maybe 12 – a page a month, or is this just being lazy? So, no decision for now, maybe I will just let it grow organically.

I want the pages to be reflections of what is occurring in my life at that moment, a visual diary – but not so literal as words.  There will be influences of artists and exhibitions, there will be practicing of techniques – in essence a Foundation year to get me going.

Will also hopefully visit more collections or exhibitions of Artists’ books, for inspiration, and just because they are fascinating to look at.

For more information on Artists’ books see the Victoria & Albert Museum