End of July already and I have only produced two pages so far; but not to worry I have plenty of ideas jotted down in my little sketchbook.  Beginning to realise that these pages are a slightly odd entity – they are not sketches or preliminary ideas, but neither do they really constitute fully formed ‘art pieces’  – they are hybrids, captured ideas, and I need to remind myself that they are not meant to stand entirely on their own, but rather as part of a greater whole – a book!

Some other projects have been whispering in my mind, waiting for the right time to emerge.

Meanwhile, while looking for a sketch book the other day at home I found these three images. I’m guessing they date from at least 10 years ago now, possibly more, when Kim Huggens (author now of several works on Tarot) as part of the local student pagan society, initiated a project to create a Tarot deck. Everyone chose which cards they wanted to illustrate, and if they completed a couple and there were some spare ones waiting, they would create a couple more.  Sadly I don’t think the deck was ever quite completed, and certainly didn’t come to anything in the end, but it was an interesting project to be involved with. I was looking to create quite simple clear images that would be easy to read.  For the Priestess I took inspiration from Delphi, and for the Chariot, inspiration from the Trojan war.