At the beginning of June I had chance to visit the British Museum before attending a meeting in London. I had hoped to view the Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art exhibition, but no tickets were available as a school party was in, and so I elected to see the Indigenous Australia: enduring civilisation exhibition instead.  Celebrating a culture that has lasted 60,000 years, documenting its history and resilience, and the apalling treatment meted out by those who decided to claim Australia for their own.  A powerful exhibition, and some stunning images.

Their paintings often depicted journeys and maps, and so I decided to create my own map of my trek to the big city and home.  It is a simplified image with represenations of a few of the images impressed upon my mind seen from the train window.  I hesistated to create anything resembling Aboriginal art as I didn’t want to seem disrespectful; instead I took from the experience the idea of ‘journey’ and the use of bright colours (although it turned out slightly more psychedelic than intended!).

It was an enjoyable way of representing a trip, so maybe I’ll pay attention on a few more train journeys.