MulfraAWell it’s creative Wednesday again, and once again I spent the morning on a writing project, got another chapter done and a second one started. This afternoon I thought I would have a go at drawing with pastels. Although I have some ‘set’ projects in mind I thought it might be nice to experiment with different techniques to see if I find something that really calls to me.  The other week I was at a friend‘s house for a film club and she had a picture on the wall that I had drawn and given her several years ago. It was really pleasing to see it as she is a talented artist herself.  It was a drawing in pastels of stones from a circle on the Isle of Lewis.  It was strange seeing a piece I had done a while ago, I was questioning myself, did I really do that? I liked it!  I probably have a photo of it somewhere, but not to hand.  So today I thought I would have a go in pastels again, no idea of any proper techniques, just a free form picture of an ancient site in Cornwall (Mulfra Quoit).  I quite enjoyed doing this (although obviously need a lot more practice) and intend to do more in the future, primarily of more ancient sites, circles, quoits, and stones.

One thing that occurred to me today is that I am more comfortable with writing than I am with creating pictures – when I sit down to draw or paint I feel much more at a loss, and much more of an impostor.  Well, all I can do is keep practising!