I haven’t written a blog post in a while, but that doesn’t mean the creativity has stopped!  There were odd weeks in June and July where I was away, doing work things, or fun things, but I am beginning to settle into a pattern again.  I suppose what is most noticeable at the moment is that I am not producing any visual art, but my writing is continuing.  I’ve written over 36,000 words of my children’s novel and it is not quite finished yet, but the end is in sight.  Will it be good enough to publish? Who knows, but it will be complete, it will be finished, and that is my main aim at the moment.

When the typing gets too much, and the repetitive strain starts to rear it’s ugly head what do I do now?  At the moment I have resumed my scrap booking, a topic I hope to blog about properly at some point.  I have approximately twenty years of scrapbooks, so you could say it is a long term project, and long overdue some work!