How will you celebrate Beltane this year as the Coronavirus sees us in lockdown? Unable to gather with those we might do ritual with, are you turning to other means?  Solitary for a change, or on online version? Maybe you always work on your own, maybe nothing will be different for you. Have you done any magical working to combat the situation, or for the protection of yourself and loved ones? Linked to Beltane are also all the May Day folk customs and traditions scattered across the country from Morris dancing at dawn to the Padstow Obby Oss – if you are normally involved in such a custom or event what are you doing differently?  If you normally attend such a happening, what plans do you have instead?

I am looking to see how pagans will respond to a Beltane in lockdown and would like to gather thoughts, feelings, experiences, poems, art, photographs, meditations, musings, rituals.

If you are interested in participating please send me any (or all) of the above to

I am aiming to put together a small booklet, an encapsulation of moments in time.  The booklet will be divided into the following sections:

Beltane previously…

I’d like to hear how you celebrated or what you have done previously.  Mementoes of past occasions, in word or pictorial form.

Beltane re-imagined

I’d like to know what you are planning on doing this year that is different.  What are your adaptations? How have you changed your plans?  What do you imagine this Beltane will feel like?

Beltane experienced

After the event tell me what you did, how this felt.  Was this Beltane different after all?

Responding to Beltane

What does Beltane mean to you? In words or art.  Is there a particular place you associate with this time of year, that you like to go to either physically or in your mind.  Have you been inspired to write invocations, poems, meditations, songs? Have you been moved to paint, draw, sketch, embroider, sew, sculpt?


All contributors will receive a pdf copy of the finished compilation/anthology.

When sending pieces please ensure you let me know what name you want associated with your piece.  Writing should be sent in Word doc or docx, Arial 12pt.  Art-work sent as JPGs.

In many ways this is an experiment, I half expect no-one to contribute, but will be delighted if people do.