The Grand Tour continues…

via Lord & Lady Pierce-Humphreys – Postcard from the Grand Tour (May 2nd) – #lockdownstaycation – Day 3

Postcard on the train

Unfortunately we could not find that rather nice Sgt. Howie this morning, so had to make our own way off the island.  We took the Orient Express to Paris, such a marvellous train though a rather upsetting incident took place on the way.  One of our fellow travellers was actually murdered!  Lady Pierce-Humphreys took this rather hard as you can imagine, especially as we had exchanged pleasantries with the victim in the Saloon car earlier that evening.  Luckily for all on board a curious little French, Belgian man with an interesting moustache took charge and conducted penetrating interviews with all the passengers and was able to rout out the rotter. Hoorahs all round (once the gendarmes had escorted the evil perpetrator off the train obviously).

Here we are about to board the train.


We took breakfast en-route, but alas found we had been allocated seats on different tables.  Lord Pierce-Humphreys took the opportunity to try out a new “rug”, much to the dismay of fellow passengers.


Drinks in the Saloon car.


Lord Pierce-Humphreys arranges some grooming tips.


That nice Mr Poirot gives instruction that evening.


To be continued. . .

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