On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 22

Topic: Mix play with everyday


This week Cee asks us what we do for play everyday.  Well, I play with the cats – one of them especially loves ‘play’ and will bring the bits of string, elastic, and old laces that he loves up to me (or my husband), drop them on the ground, gaze up at me with big soulful eyes, and will paw the ground meaningfully, to tell me he wants a game of ‘string’.

I love to read (really, really, love books), to write, to paint, to visit stone-circles but whilst I am at my desk these days I am gazed upon by my collection of Playmobil Greek Gods! When I was a child my brother and I loved playing with our Playmobil figures, back in those days there was a far limited range available.  I had Nurses and Doctors, Farm girls, a girl with a horse; my brother had more exciting figures, with King Arthur and his Knights, Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the Merry Men, Cavalry men and Indians etc. But we pooled them together and had plenty of adventures with them.

I did Ancient History/Classics at University (and have a PhD on Helen of Troy) so a few years ago when Playmobil started producing Greek Gods I was hugely excited. They already had a range of Roman soldiers etc. which are widely available, of which I have a few (though I have been fairly restrained), but the Greek figures only came out in Greece. Of course, these days with online shops and international markets that isn’t a problem, but it does make them a bit niche.  They brought out a couple initially, including Athena, but now there are the 12 Olympians.

It did give me an idea that I could create some tableaux from the Trojan War using Playmobil figures, which would be a great project, but one I sadly haven’t had time for yet.  I did put together my own version of Helen though a couple of years ago – created prior to many of the female deities having been produced, so possibly I would make her a little differently if I tried again.