I’ve written before about how, for the last two and a half years, I’ve taken a photo every day to document my life (and perhaps the joy in its ordinariness). Since lockdown began there have been some changes to these daily photos but perhaps not as much as one expect. As I don’t have a smart phone I am reliant on having either a proper camera with me, or my ipad.  Going to work normally I wouldn’t have either of them with me (unless I specifically took the ipad because I needed it), thus I would miss many photo opportunities that might have arisen on the journey to and from my office, or happenings during the day.  This was frustrating on occasions when I would see something that I knew would make an interesting photo but had no means to capture it, and by the end of the day at home I would be scrabbling around for my ‘photo of the day’ image. So, lockdown…it took a while but now on most mornings we take a little walk before work, or before the rest of the day enfolds.  We don’t go far, there are a couple of variations on the walk, but my favourite is going up the hill.  The lane leads up to a farm at the top but I stop about halfway by a radio mast station, and where the first farm gate is.  It is high enough that when the weather is clear I can see across to England.  I live in South Wales, from this point the view is across the Vale, there is a touch of the Bristol Channel, and then Devon and Somerset.  From the top floor of our house we can actually see the hills of England, but not the sea in-between.

So there is now scope for photos of our little walks, as well as home pictures, the cats, and food! In addition we have been taking shopping to friends who live just under 2 miles from us – keeping a proper distance of course.  They have started to dress up especially for our visits so I can take a silly picture to post on Facebook (and which brightens up my ‘picture of the day’ posts no end).  The walks and their dressing up have actually enhanced my photo possibilities, I think the only thing that I am missing is the opportunity to take pictures of rare/antiquarian books which when I am physically in the office I get chance to work with once a week (I am a librarian).  I miss those books.

Of course I also miss the chance of being able to go out for the day, or to go on holiday, but in the main my day to day photos are much more mundane.  I am not complaining about that, there is beauty and joy and pleasure in the mundane, and we should remember that most of us don’t live ‘exciting’ or ‘glamorous’ lives, but that there can be joy all around us none-the-less.

The photo I have chosen for this week isn’t one that was used as a ‘photo of the day’, it was one of a set I took on one of our morning walks.  It was a beautiful and sunny day even at about 6.30am when I took this. I just love this spot, with its enticing looking path into the field alongside the trees.