Types of creativity seem to ebb and flow at the moment, sometimes more writing, sometimes more painting, sometimes nothing at all.  Not necessarily different to being out of lockdown but perhaps more noticeable to me at the moment.  Yesterday was my creative Wednesday (OK, yes technically it was Thursday…) and I sat down to paint for the first time in a couple of weeks, after going through a period when I was doing so nearly every day.  To my horror I realised I had reached the end of the Folk on Foot podcasts, apart from the Front Room Festival highlights, they have become so synonymous with me sitting down and painting that I feel at a bit of a loss.  Will need to find something else until the new series starts again.

When I am painting ancient sites I always feel I must have done something right if my husband can identify which they are.  He got full marks this week, and did better than I did when I had the actual photos in front of me as I struggled to recall where this was.  We’ve only been there once, and it was number 40 in my ‘collection’ of circles.  It is a sweet little circle with a nice view so I would be happy returning one day.