Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Topic: The colour pink


I don’t remember being a ‘pink’ girl when little, at one point my favourite colour was red, whereas now it is probably turquoise, teal or purple!  I do seem to have several pink clothes in my wardrobe though, so maybe it has crept in over the years.

I originally chose a photo of a little pink wild rose, we have four wild rose bushes growing in our garden, two pink and two white.  Then when I looked through my archives I found the above picture, taken a month ago.  The pink flowers of that bush are so bright and in your face that they almost don’t seem like a genuine colour.  My little pink rose seemed so pale and wan in comparison that this one had to be the goer.

However, I don’t want to be disloyal to the rose bushes which smell divine at the moment, so here to be complete is the wild rose (which seems a bit of a misnomer – is it wild if it grows tame in my garden?).