I’ve mentioned my early morning walk previously; I try to go every day but tend to get a bit lax at weekends when I am not getting up quite so early.  I’ve been up the hill every day this week so far and because it is a walk I am doing frequently I am beginning to notice the smaller things more.  The other week I noticed the Foxgloves which were just beginning to flower at that point and I hadn’t realised until then how many there were, this week it has been all the bracken unfurling.  It is not that I hadn’t seen these things previously, but that I am noticing them more, such as the trees that come after the woodland stretch.  After I have gone over the cattle grid but not quite reached the ‘moorland’ bit, there are the last few trees lining the path sporadically, up high on the banks.  Is the woodland attempting to creep up to the moor?  Several of these trees are oaks, young and slender, and yesterday I saw a robin just nearby.

The weather makes a huge difference too, especially at the top where I stand. A couple of days this week I have not been able to see ‘Merrie England’ nor the water separating us, due to big cloud banks, even on one day that was sunny where I stood.  Conversely one cloudy day I could still see the hazy hills over there.  The moon was visible one day, clear in the sky, swollen but waning, but hidden the rest of the week. The wind turbines have been slow and still, and then in full flood as the wind has risen.  Perhaps I should be keeping a weather or nature diary.

All this appreciating what I can see reminds me of many years ago when I had a boyfriend who was an artist.  He had told me about the year he had spent painting trees in a small wood near him (not that long before we got together), and I had seen several of these pictures.  One day he showed me this woodland, and it was tiny, really small – barely a grove and some scrubby bushes, and I was amazed he had found enough material to paint for a year, it really wasn’t anything like I had imagined. But it really is about seeing what is there, and finding beauty and interest in the small, appreciating the details. So I continue to notice more and more on my daily walk.

Last night it poured with rain, and this morning you could see the swirling traces of leaves, twigs, and dirt that had been pushed and pummelled down the lane by the water in wavy patterns.  I didn’t have a camera with me but luckily Pictures Without Film was with me so I borrowed his phone to at least capture part of this pattern.

Lane June 2020 (2)