We are still in lockdown, with a variety of rules across the UK only helping to confuse most people, so what does this mean for your Solstice celebrations?  Looking back on the wheel of the year I curated a Beltane in Lockdown booklet (with thanks to my wonderful contributors), and hope to make this more widely available soon.  I believe it is important to keep a record of these strange times, to understand how people are feeling and acting in regards to particular celebrations and activities whilst under lockdown.

I’m now curious about how people will be celebrating the summer solstice, will you be watching the live feed from Stonehenge via English Heritage, or out in your garden, a nearby hill or beach?

I’d love it if people could send me their Solstice stories, tell me how you celebrated and whether this was different from previous years or from what you originally planned. I would like to gather thoughts, feelings, experiences, poems, art, photographs, meditations, musings, rituals.

I’d also like to collect photos of your Solstice sunrise, or an image that represents your Solstice.

If you are interested in participating please send me any (or all) of the above to arra.stoneglade@gmail.com

All contributions are greatly appreciated and all contributors will receive a pdf copy of the finished compilation/anthology.

When sending pieces please ensure you let me know what name you want associated with your piece.  Writing should be sent in Word doc or docx, Arial 12pt.  Art-work sent as JPGs.

DSCF6040 (2)