Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Topic: In-Transit

At the end of last week The Sandy Chronicles asked for our photos depicting ‘In-transit’.

Stonehenge transitI offer a photo of Stonehenge, iconic ancient monument in England. Managed by English Heritage, people now park at a heritage centre a distance away and are bussed up to the monument. You are then guided to walk around the footpaths surrounding the circle. In this picture you can see people on the skyline ‘in-transit’ around the monument.

We visited on my birthday in 2017 (not my first visit), it was a glorious hot sunny day, although unfortunately my husband’s hay fever was in full flood. I love stone circles, but I much prefer them when there is no-one else around. I was astounded by the amount of people visiting Stonehenge (it shouldn’t have surprised me really), and it felt far too crowded. I tried my hardest to get photos without people in, but for broader views this just wasn’t possible.  We did have a special moment though when we spotted a hare in the centre of the circle. Not many others saw it, as I don’t think they were really ‘looking’.

Stonehenge hareI like Stonehenge but it is not my favourite circle. My first visit was as part of a private group booking where we got to walk within the stones, and not just look at it from a distance.  Now that was much more magical.  This visit was to ‘count’ it as part of my journey to visit 50 stone circles before I reached 50.  Stonehenge was number 41.

Being ‘in-transit’ at the moment is hard to imagine as we remain more or less stationary at home.  Hopefully one day I will be in transit to another stone circle, and on my way to my next 50.