On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 24

Topic: Add an element of nature


This week we are asked to add an element of nature to our workspace.  On my study window sill I have a variety of beach pebbles picked up over the years during different holidays.  I try not to bring too many home with me but am always fascinated by how interesting or pretty they look. The cats sit on the window sill too and sometimes knock the pebbles around, or even off onto the floor if they are being especially naughty.

I have a great view from my study, it is why I picked this room and not the larger one at the front that my husband uses. I can see the garden, and the fields and hill behind.  Sometimes we get a woodpecker visiting one of the bird feeders.


These were taken in May when the Lilac and the Wisteria were in full bloom, and it was lovely and sunny.  It is pouring with rain today, and the last few days have seen several thunder storms; there has even been some flooding in nearby towns due to the deluge of water, so I do wish the sun would return.