Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Topic: Summer Traditions

Sandy asks us to share photos of our summer traditions, well I know when the summer kicks off for me and that is round about my birthday, which might be a week before the ‘official’ start to summer is, but often coincides with the Gower Folk Festival. This small and (relatively) local festival is one we have been attending for over a decade.  Spread over the whole weekend with dancing on the Friday night and lots of wonderful folk to listen to the rest of the weekend with the odd workshop.  This is the place we were first introduced to European Social Dance (primarily French, Breton, and Swedish) and were amazed watching people.  How did they know what to do?  Fast forward many years and myself and my husband Ken (Pictures Without Film) are now the ones teaching the dance workshops!  His band Kantref have also played here several times.  Of course this year it didn’t take place due to the Coronavirus crisis and we missed it immensely.

The first set of pictures show Friday evening from last year’s festival (2019). An empty marquee waiting for the sessions to begin, Ken and our helpful musicians getting ready for the workshop, and the marquee gradually filling prior to the first act.


Summer wouldn’t be summer without ice-cream!


The last couple of years the festival has been held in the grounds of Weobley Castle.  We do like looking around castles and old ruins so this is part of our summer traditions too.

Weobley Castle

And of course it wouldn’t be Britain without Morris Dancing! This team are Sweyn’s Ey from nearby Swansea.

Sweyn’s Ey Morris