Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Topic: Nostalgia

Portreath 2017b
Portreath Harbour

Amanda from Something to Ponder About invites us to think about nostalgia this week.

When I was a child my family went on holiday to the village of Portreath in Cornwall every year.  We met up with my Grandparents, and my Aunt, Uncle and three cousins, and we stayed in a very small static caravan park.  Eventually my Grandparents retired to the village, and my Aunt and Uncle also moved to the area after spending time in Brunei (my Uncle was an army nurse). I adored going on holiday to Portreath, it had the perfect beach.  There was sand, there was pebbles, there were rock pools including one large enough to swim in, and the other end of the beach were some caves and bath shaped holes cut into rocks.  A stream came through the village and across the sand to the sea; and every day at 3pm my Gran would buy us “99s” (ice-cream).

Fast forward many years, and we kids are all grown up and my Grandparents no longer with us.  I still visit Cornwall most years but tend to stay in St Ives, or around the Penwith peninsula, occasionally I have made a brief trip to Portreath.  In 2016 my Dad passed away, the following summer we had a short family holiday (as a treat for my Mum), something we hadn’t done since I was a teenager probably.  It was a nostalgia trip.  Myself (plus husband) went away with my Mum and Brother down to the South West.  We visited my Aunt & Uncle who now live in Exmouth, before we drove down into Cornwall to see the places we went to when we were kids.

The weather wasn’t great; grey, cloudy and a bit wet at times, but hey ho, we are British and used to it! We picked a Sunday morning to go to Portreath, figuring it would probably be quite quiet with the poor weather, and we had arranged to meet one of my cousins who still lived in Cornwall at the time.  We turned up to find the car-park full and the beach packed!!! There was some kind of surf school sports event being held, so instead of being able to have a leisurely, nostalgia filled stroll across the sand, we couldn’t even go on half the beach.

Portreath 2017
Brother, Husband, Mum – in front of the busy Portreath beach

It was a shame, as I know we wanted to relive those golden long hot summer days of childhood, and it wasn’t quite the atmosphere we were hoping for.  We strolled around, pointing out places that had closed or been replaced.  The caravan park had gone years ago, the beach shop no longer as interesting, but the new toilet block was an improvement!


Portreath toilets 2017

We couldn’t quite escape the clouds and sea-mist though, even the next day.

Lanyon Quoit 2017
Lanyon Quoit

I’ve been back to Cornwall several times since, I just love it there; not sure when my Mum and Brother will make it again, or if they will, but if they do I hope it is a bit sunnier next time!