On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 25

Topic: Bring joy with office supplies

Got a little behind with this challenge, but never mind! In the last week I got a second monitor for my computer and my husband sorted it out, and put up a new shelf to house the stuff that previously sat on my desk! I’ve been working from home since 17th March, and with the sensible way the University I work for is planning, I may well continue doing so for another year.  I’m ‘back-office’ staff (Cataloguing Librarian) and can do a lot of my job at home, but I have been missing the second monitor I have at work which makes using our Library Management System easier.  So I decided that if this is a long term situation I may as well make it work better for me.


In addition, outside of work, I recently got some new paints as a birthday present from friends.  The pigments are rather intense and gorgeous and I am just beginning to try them out; they are excellent new ‘supplies’ that bring me joy!