On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 27

Topic: Make a “smile songs” playlist

Last year I had a ‘big birthday’ (one with a zero) so I put together a playlist for my party. I decided what I most wanted to do was get a load of friends together and have a fun/silly time, the day was a cross between a mini-festival and a summer fete.  We had jousting (with fake horses), Morris dancing, story-telling, a cream tea, and a band in the evening (all courtesy of the fabulous friends I have).  I also put a playlist together to dance the night away after the band, but sadly we ran out of time (the hall didn’t allow music after 11pm) so only had a few tracks, but it was a lovely day altogether.

So what was on the playlist (here are just three that made it)

…top of the list was …

Rock Lobster by the B-52s

There were several tracks by the B-52s included, I love their fun upbeat music and am very sad that I’ve never actually seen them play live.  Would have loved to have seen them in the early 1980s (though wouldn’t have been quite old enough then!)

Also included was…The Folk Police by the Peatbog Faeries

I’ve seen this band who hail from the Isle of Skye several times, most recently twice at the end of last year.  First time round in a tiny venue a converted Welsh Chapel, but my husband was ill, so my best friend accompanied me, we danced up and down in front of our seats.  A month later they were back in South Wales at a larger venue, husband was feeling better, so I managed to grab tickets and was able to dance the whole gig through to my heart’s content.

And The Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys

Ah, just love this band.  I have seen them play – but not at the time when this was their main hit which is a shame as I’m sure they were fantastic then.  Though we did see them a couple of years ago, and even though their music is quite a bit different now it was a great gig and a great new album.

I’m now listening to my playlist and grooving away at my desk 🙂