Since Beltane this year I have been compiling booklets collecting together people’s experiences of the seasonal festivals in lockdown. We’ve just passed Lammas and although a little late in putting a call out for contributions I am hoping to attract a few more people, to join the core who are becoming my regulars. I’ve decided to continue this project up to (and including) Beltane 2021 – to complete a ‘year and a day’ of these unusual times.  Who knows where we will be by then, hopefully back to normal but will it be the same ‘normal’? Here in the UK restrictions have been easing so some things that weren’t possible at Beltane were possible to a certain extent at Lammas – for instance a small group of people can now meet outside, so it is possible that socially distanced group rituals were able to take place.

I have enjoyed reading my contributors’ pieces so much though that I am looking forward to seeing a whole ritual year with them (or as much as possible), through their eyes and experiences.

So I invite others once again to contact me with writings, poems, photographs, works of art, comments, brief paragraphs or essays  – your choice.  Let me know how you celebrated, show me a picture of your sunrise, or your Lammas loaf, your afternoon walk on the beach, tell me of your frustrations and your joys.  Was it different this year to other years?

(But don’t worry, I’m not asking for you to reveal coven secrets, or tell me about your rites in detail. )

All contributors will be sent a PDF copy of the seasonal booklet. At the end of the project I hope to be able to combine them all and possibly publish the finished compilation.

Contact me with contributions:


Blessings of the season to you all!