Last night (23rd Oct 2020) at 6pm Wales went into lockdown for 17 days. In some respects this doesn’t make a massive amount of difference to me, we’ve been in a local county lockdown for the last month anyway (not able to leave the county boundaries – and the county isn’t particularly large). We’ve been working from home since March and our universe has shrunk in this time. I’ve seen my Mum once since the Covid crisis arose – her area has been in local lockdown for months. We’ve not seen many friends in real life, although we chat via email/text/messenger/video calls. Our best friends live a couple of miles up the road, which has luckily been in the same county so we’ve still been able to sit in their garden during the last month – but we are not going to be able to do that now for the next couple of weeks (and yes it has been getting colder and wetter anyway). There are other restrictions of course, but generally we’ve been so cautious, or unable to access things, that the closure of shops and bars, for example, doesn’t bother me like it will some people. I’m more bothered by not being able to go to the sea, or up to the forests and hills – we are now not allowed to drive anywhere non-essential. But let’s not dwell on the doom and gloom, instead I am going to follow the advice of my friends’ twin boys who have kindly created ‘Lockdown leaflets’ to help myself and Ken see this through – along with the package of lockdown goodies our friends gave us.

Firstly the leaflets exhort us to:

Dance, Keep in Contact and Cuddle Your Families


Keep Happy, Keep in Contact, and Share Your Stars

Inside the leaflets we have been given a list of cheery things to do – in no particular order

If you are feeling sad in lockdown, try some of these:

  1. Play with Playmobil or figures
  2. Play a game
  3. Eat a cake
  4. Make a cake
  5. Go for a walk / Nature walk
  6. Go on a leaf collecting walk
  7. Bird-watching
  8. Write a poem
  9. Go for a fossil collecting walk
  10. Draw pictures of wild life or your friends
  11. Have a Zoom with your friends
  12. Look at pictures of your friends
  13. Draw and colour your favourite things
  14. Make a pop-up book
  15. Play with a cuddly or a pet
  16. Go on a swing or a trampoline

Well, some of these might be a bit of a challenge, but we are going to give them all a good go, and report back here!