The first full day of the Welsh lockdown and it poured down for most of it, but that was fine I hadn’t planned on going anywhere anyway. Might have been nice to have had a walk, but will hopefully get one in during the next couple of days.

In the afternoon however I turned to No. 10 in the Lockdown Leaflet list (Draw pictures of wildlife or your friends) and did some painting, and made preparation for some collage work. I was inspired by my friend Iaurnawen’s paintings of foxes – Fox pounces and the pensive fox cub. Also of course by Jackie Morris’s amazing paintings and images in one of her latest books – Spell Songs.

Here is my fox.

Later in the day, we also followed the advice of No. 3 in the list (Eat a cake) and ate two of the extremely scrumptious fairy cakes made by the twins (Merry & Corwen) themselves.

I should probably also note that we had Blacksticks Blue cheese (from the ‘care package’) on crumpets for dinner.