It was rainy again today, but in showery bursts so there were also bright dry spells, so after lunch we took advantage of one of these dry spots and went for a walk – No. 5 in the Lockdown Leaflet list (Go for a walk/nature walk). We went on, what has become, our usual walk – up the lane. Pictures without Film has documented this walk more fully, and I’ve shared images on previous blog posts, but I include here a few of Ken on our walk.

You can just catch a glimpse of the gleaming sea (Bristol Channel), being highlighted by the sun.

Nature spotted (but not photographed): 2 cats, 1 squirrel, 1 worm, lots of sheep, white and black, in several fields, 4 horses, 0 invisible rabbits, and a whole bunch (murder) of noisy crows.

After returning home we spent the rest of the afternoon playing a game – No. 2 on the list (Play a game). We played The Origin of Species which we backed on Kickstarter. Ken won but only by 6 points so I didn’t feel completely trounced. He is much more of a game player than I am, and much more strategic! He is also depicted eating the Bombay Mix that came in the Lockdown Goodies box.

Following this I even managed to squeeze in No. 11 (Have a Zoom with your friends) and had a lovely chat, followed by a meditation with Iaurnawen and Sarah.

Of course it having been the weekend it was much easier to fit in several activities from the list, it might be more difficult during the working week – although that it also when I will need cheering the most!