Back to work (at home) after the slightly extended weekend, and I guess it might be difficult to fit in any of the more adventurous opportunities from the Lockdown Leaflet whilst we are working during the day (or we might get a bit repetitive, I’m warning you now!).

It has been a blustery day and I haven’t even spotted many of the little birds which often perch on the greenery outside my study window (and hence cause the cats to emit those cute noises – ‘birdy noises’ – as they stare through the glass at them). The slender willow branches have been swaying all over the place, and the sparrows and blue-tits normally perch on these whilst waiting their turn at the bird feeder, but not today (Note to self: refill bird feeder).

At one point in the morning Falco came and had a lovely long cuddle on my lap. He doesn’t normally sit on my lap (though he demands Ken’s lap a lot!), but since we began working from home he has discovered that occasionally he likes a cuddle whilst I attempt to carry on working. This was definitely a thing that made me happy – although working on the computer became a little difficult for a while.

The clocks went back at the weekend (loved that extra hour on Sunday morning!), so we are now back in GMT rather than BST. Not light enough in the mornings for a 6am perambulation up the hill, and soon it won’t be light enough after I finish work to go for a walk either. Today, however, it was, and as it didn’t seem to be raining we went out to stretch our legs and attempted to walk off a few of those chocolate biscuits and treats we ate yesterday. A few spots of rain greeted us at the top of the hill, but apart from that it was a rather nice slightly windy stroll, achieved well before the sun went down. No. 5 (Go for a walk).

We finished off the day by watching a story telling session via Zoom by Chris Parks, a beekeeper, druid and musician, and eating our last two little fairy cakes made by the twins. No. 3 (Eat a cake).