Not sure I really achieved anything on the Lockdown List today, although perhaps I could tick off No.15 (Play with a cuddly or a pet) as both cats get plenty of fussings/strokes/cuddles every day.

Perhaps I could also almost tick off No.8 (Write a poem) – to be honest I didn’t write a poem but I did write a piece of 50 word flash fiction – and sometimes they almost seem like poems. Yesterday I wrote one on the theme of ‘Library‘ – using a prompt from the Scottish Book Trust 50 Word Fiction challenge. ‘Library’ was October’s prompt but I sadly completed my effort a day after this month’s competition closed (should have checked earlier!).

Yesterday was my ‘creative’ day of the week. I’m currently undertaking an adult education class on ‘Writing for Children’ which takes place on Wednesday afternoons this term. I’m really enjoying it and learning a lot. Enjoying it so much I had a peek at online MAs in Creative Writing, but sadly I don’t have £11K spare, so we’ll put that dream back in the cupboard.

In between class, 50 WF, and yesterday’s blog I worked on my current piece of writing – trying to pay attention to lessons learned in class, whilst letting the inspiration flow. I then turned to one of the recommended texts for some interesting reading and a glass of something nice 😉