It was wet and windy again (no surprise there).

Went for a another soggy walk, same route, but Ken joined me today. No. 5 (Go for a walk).

But it was also Friday, and I made a bake and a cake after work. No. 4 (Make a cake).

It was one of those cases where I tried to multi-task and make both at the same time, and I think it just about worked out! The cake was following a Cranks recipe for Devon apple cake, with a little tweak. I chopped up small all the apples we had in the house which had gone a bit wrinkly on the outside, and then I added some mixed dried fruit which included cherries.

Once most of the ingredients (apart from egg) had been mixed I paused on the cake and turned to the bake because Ken was already hungry and looking sad at how long it would be before dinner was ready. Since lockdown I haven’t made that many ‘bakes’ because I feel a bit sad that I am not sharing them with friends. Prior to lockdown, for approaching 18 months, we had taken dinner round to our friends’ house on a Monday evening. There were reasons why this started, but it also became a wonderful thing knowing we were seeing them at least once every week and sharing food. The twins had some initial “what’s this?” expressions and exclamations as they were given a meal that didn’t conform to their parent’s norm. Not that our dishes are particularly different – we’re all vegetarians, and we make similar meals – but small children spot the tiny differences! After a while though there were some really positive heart-warming comments from the boys, and our cooking became part of their norm too. Taking dinner round to their house, and making sure it was ready in time for the boys to eat with us, have a story and get to bed, meant that ‘bakes’ became a favourite of mine to create. I could make them the day before so they just needed heating up – we’d even started leaving the ‘box of dinner’ in our porch to be picked up by them (for example, on the school run) so that it could be heating up before we made it to theirs after work! (we were getting organised!). Since March though none of this has happened, and when I make a bake it reminds me of the joy of sharing food with friends – but saddens me that we can’t do this at the moment.

‘Bake’ covers several different meals (and for me they are normally made in the same dish) and this week it was vegetable crumble. Full of brightly coloured vegetables – beetroots, sweet potato, red onion, carrots and whatever else needed using up!

Once the bake was in the oven it was back to the cake! This soon made it to the oven too. It always takes far longer to cook than the recipe says, so I know I do something different! It all worked out good in the end though 🙂