The weather was wet and windy, and the cats kept a lookout through the window while I worked.

I did go for a walk once I’d finished, not up to the top, but down to the main road and round (a sort of triangular route – at least in my head it is); I took no pictures. I was surprisingly sheltered for a lot of it, until I walked along the main road where I was most exposed to the wind and rain as it blew at me, and the rain ran off my coat and soaked my legs. However, in a weird way I sort of enjoyed it – being out in the fresh air, experiencing the elements first hand. I almost yearned to be out walking on a moorland in it. I also realised that if I don’t go out for walks in inclement weather I may end up housebound for much of winter. I live in Wales, there is a lot of rain, so you can’t let it put you off. No. 5 (Go for a walk)

Tiny joy for the day was trying out the Marmite houmous in a sandwich – it was delicious!