I didn’t think I was going to achieve anything off the Lockdown Leaflets this Sunday.  The day started with me reading in bed, and ended with me forgetting the online events I meant to attend; not an awful lot happened in the middle either!

However I realised I did actually achieve No. 3 (Eat a cake) – so that’s ok 😉

But the day did contain a couple of happy things.

(1) Reading in bed.  I finished reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, which I highly recommend.  I’d meant to read it for a while, and then it became this month’s choice for my work bookclub, which was very handy.  I was also happy to check this ebook out of my public library – despite working with ebooks all day as part of my job, checking out some fiction using BorrowBox is a new thrill!.

(2) Talking to a friend on the phone.  I haven’t seen this particular friend for over a year (probably two).  We’d been friends at University and lost touch over the years. We then happened to be at the same event one year and she spotted me picking up a raffle prize, and we’ve been in touch ever since.  Occasionally we write each other long letters or emails –  a lot of the time we are sending short emails apologising for leaving it so long and not having written that long letter! We’d been hoping to meet up this summer, but circumstances dictated otherwise. I texted her on Saturday to wish her seasonal greetings and we arranged to chat the following day.  So it was lovely to catch up.  We might not see each other very often, but she is the kind of friend where it just feels that you only saw each other the day before

(3) Ken recorded some music – one of his own tunes, but also contributing to some tracks by one of his friends.

(4) Eating cake of course – one that will keep going for a few days yet.