On Monday I was worried that regular walks had fallen off and were being replaced by cake eating; Tuesday I am happy to report featured both.

It seemed to be a beautiful sunny day and I really should have interrupted work and taken advantage of this. However I have been fighting a bit of a cold all week so put off the walk until the end of the day, so it wasn’t nearly as nice as it could have been as the sun had begun to sink and a few clouds were gathering – but it was still a walk!

With No. 3 (Eat a cake) and No. 5 (Go for a walk) from the Lockdown leaflets achieved I was even more delighted in the evening to also do No. 11 (Have a Zoom with your friends).

On Monday my dear friend Iaurnawen on the spur of the moment cooked up the idea that we should have a virtual dinner party. Everyone to turn up at 6pm to the Zoom room having cooked their own dinner, and we could eat and chat and see one another. There were five households involved – we wanted to see lots of people, but also to have the chance to chat to everybody so had to limit numbers. It worked well, dinners included curry (x2), teriyaki noodles, veggie cornish pasties, and carrot & chickpea fritters. Some of us may have had ice-cream for dessert too.

It was heart-warming to see people we hadn’t seen for months, even if still just over a screen. We chatted, laughed, put the world to rights, discussed Jasper Fforde novels, and made plans for socially distanced walks on the beach when we are out of lockdown. We also intend to repeat dinner again at some point.