There is a battle going on in the US today and I’ve got my fingers crossed for a change in president, but I am guessing it will be a few days before all comes clear. Today seemed to be going a bit awry in the morning, I’m battling a minor cold, and I was at sixes and sevens until we decided to go for a mid-morning walk. As yesterday it was beautiful and sunny, but had been chilly overnight. There was even a bit of frost around first thing – the first this season I believe. We did what I think of as the ‘lower’ walk, the triangular circle, rather than going up to the ‘top’. It was indeed warm in the sunshine, but chilly in the shadows. As we approached the beginning of ‘the lane’ there was an ambulance blocking the road which cast a brief pall of worry and uncertainty over the day again.

We reached the field behind our house, admired the sunny view, had a look for the invisible rabbits, and Ken (apparently) imitated a scarecrow. We returned home to a lunch of avocado on toast followed by a slice of cake, before I joined my afternoon writing class.

So, yes still continuing with Lockdown Leaflet No. 3 (Eat a cake) but glad that No. 5 (Go for a walk) is also featuring.

I also think I managed No. 8 (Write a poem), but its still a draft at the moment. I’ll post it in a separate blog if I feel remotely happy about it later.