Not much to remember from this 5th of November. It was another lovely sunny day and we grabbed the opportunity for a lunch time walk, this time up to the ‘top’. No. 5 (Go for a walk) from the Lockdown Leaflet.

Apologies if this is all a bit repetitive, but work takes up a fair amount of time, and sometimes there just isn’t the time or impetus to be creative. Perhaps on Sunday I shall have to try and do ALL the things I haven’t yet done from the leaflet!

Feeling a bit locked in…

One of those cloud layers is actually the hills of Somerset and Devon.

It was sunnier than it looks, honest.

On the way back..

Ken emits rainbows…

As darkness fell the fireworks began. I hadn’t been sure how many there would be since we are in lockdown – certainly there are no organised displays – but it seems people were still able to buy their own (which seems a bit odd as fireworks certainly aren’t an essential!). How many people these days even know what they are ‘celebrating’? However, I did kneel by the window of our small spare room which faces out the front of the house. We are perched quite high and could see fireworks going off, both near and far. Luckily our cats aren’t too bothered by the noises, Roswell even came and joined me and sat on the windowsill looking out for a while. Falco was less sure and sat under the dining room table downstairs – but he wasn’t terrified like some pets are (thankfully) – he’s usually such a scaredy-cat about most things so it is a wonder he is so calm about this.