So we are now officially out of the Welsh lockdown and into a new set of rules which means we can go anywhere in Wales. Really though it is a question not so much of how much one can do, but how much one should do. I don’t expect to be doing too much different, just the odd thing.

Anyway, how did I do on the Lockdown Leaflets list?

Well these are the things I didn’t do…

  • Play with Playmobil or figures (No. 1)
  • Go on a leaf collecting walk (No. 6)
  • Go for a fossil collecting walk (No. 9)
  • Look at pictures of your friends (No. 12)
  • Draw and colour your favourite things (No. 13)
  • Make a pop-up book (No. 14)
  • Go on a swing or a trampoline (No. 16)

So, although I won’t be posting every day anymore I’ll let you know when I’ve managed to achieve these cheery things.

Today I did manage No. 7 (Bird-watching) when the woodpecker came to our nut feeder this morning.

Whilst I may not have done No.1 on the list of activities, just in case Merry and Corwen are looking, here are some of my Playmobil figures.