via Lord & Lady Pierce-Humphreys – Postcard from the Grand Tour (May 6th) – #lockdownstaycation – Day 7.

Postcard from Egypt.

We enjoyed the megalithic monuments of Cornwall so much we decided to return to Carnac.  We booked passage though a local ticket office, but we had a little misunderstanding due to the broad Cornish accent of the travel agent, however we finally got this sorted out.

Arriving on board in time for breakfast, imagine our surprise to find that nice Mr Poirot again.


We also bumped into Lady Pierce-Humphreys’ great aunt.


The trip took quite a lot longer than we expected, but Mr Poirot assured us we were headed for Carnac.  Trouble does seem to follow him around. Posing with our fellow travellers along the way, it was hotter than we had bargained for, Lady Pierce-Humphreys was feeling a touch religious.

Appointment with Death

We finally arrived at Karnak . . . turns out we are now in Eqypt, and our travelling party had reduced by 1.


We decided to take luncheon, in the shade.  Lord Pierce-Humphreys tries on a local outfit.


We posed for another group shot , with hieroglyphics.


We visited the worlds largest cat lady.


By the Pyramids.


Which we then decided to climb.


Lord Pierce-Humphreys entered one of the pyramids, where he had a bit of an adventure.


With another pyramid, they are a bit two a penny around here.


Lord Pierce-Humphreys decides to take a camel ride, much to the horror of Lady Pierce-Humphreys.


We witnessed an intriguing excavation before we retired for the evening.


Lady Pierce-Humphreys wanted to take one of the local Gods home.



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