The rhythm of my creative Wednesdays are currently disrupted.  Last week it turned into ‘party prep Friday’, this week it is Thursday as I was at a meeting in London yesterday, next week I’m using it for going to the Gower Folk Festival where myself and @TallulahBass are teaching a couple of French and Breton dance workshops, and the week after I am attending a full week of the London Rare Books School.  But that’s ok.

I missed writing my book last week, there just wasn’t time to fit writing in on another day (and I was unwell over the bank holiday), but I felt that was a positive thing to feel.  Missing writing means I want to do it, that I enjoy doing it, that there are stories and ideas waiting to be put to paper.

Also, there are still elements of creativity going on on those days.  Last week I painted a rainbow shield in preparation for the crazy (pretend) jousting we had at my party.  Next week I will be dancing, and listening to fantastic live music (and incidentally celebrating a big birthday), and when I am at Rare Books School I’ll be learning about cool stuff 😉

Yesterday before I went to my meeting I popped into the British Museum to see an exhibition on “artists’ postcards”; and today I have been writing….