This morning I found it difficult to write.  I didn’t have writer’s block, it felt more like just wading through stodge. I put it down partly to be writing a sort of ‘joining’ section, I needed to get from A to B, they needed to be connected but the middle bit wasn’t going to be particularly exciting, but it was necessary.  So even though I look forward to this time, and I enjoy writing, and I enjoy writing this particular thing, I kept getting distracted; getting another drink, finding something to nibble (heck, if I ever become a full time writer I will be HUGE), checking things online like circular churchyards and lychgates [writer’s research] and finding out about St. Melangell (protector of hares)* [interesting diversion – but I now want to visit St Melangell’s Church, Pennant Melangell, near Llangynog, Powys – which of course has a circular churchyard].  I considered taking a break from the writing and doing something else, but in the end persevered.  After all you often hear advice for people who want to write basically saying you just need to write! Be disciplined, do the regular amount at the regular time.  It might be rubbish, but you get into the habit of regular writing. Ok, my regular writing is only once a week, but I damn well need to do it.  So in the end I turned out about 3,000 words (more than previous weeks), and if I get back to it in a minute might end up writing two chapters today rather than one.  So success in the end.

This afternoon I turned once again to the pastels.  I’m quite lucky we have lots of different art materials at home, acquired over the years by both us.  So last week when I wanted to have a go, I easily found a couple of boxes of pastels.  After having a go twice I am beginning to feel the limitation of some of the colours I have (or don’t have), so maybe when I get chance a trip to an art materials shop will be in order, to stock up on shades of green and brown!



*Update – I realised this morning that St Melangell has been looking down on me all month but I hadn’t realised who she was.  I have a calendar by the artist Hannah Willow and the picture for May turns out to be St Melangell… Perhaps I need to look more into this 🙂